Mitel SX-100/200
Attendant Functions

GREEN = Okay for Hotel to use.
Black = Should only be used by a SERVICE TECH.

Description Opteration
Description Opteration
Cancel All Call Forwarding Dial: *1, #, RELEASE
Flexible Night Service Dial: *3, (Trunk Equip. Number),
Press Night1 or Night2,
(Extension Number), RELEASE
Cancel All System
Call Backs
Dial: *4, HH:MM,
(*=PM, Otherwise=AM>, RELEASE
Set the clock Dial: *5, HH:MM (* for PM otherwise AM)
Make Trunk Group
Attendant Access
Dial: *6, (Trunk Group 1 though 12), *, RELEASE
Change Direct
Inward System
Dial: *7, DISA code, RELEASE
Cancel a Minor Alarm Dial: *8, #, RELEASE
Busy Out a Trunk Dial: *9, (Trunk Equip. Number),
Unbusy a Trunk Dial: *9, (trunk Equip. Number),
Setup Call Forwarding Dial: *11, (Originating Extension Number), Forwarding code (1-3), (Destination Extension Number), #, RELEASE