M. E. S.

(Mitel SX20/SX50 Easy Sheet)



Message Waiting                       Do Not Disturb                           Set Time

Hold down Msg Wait                    Press the D-N-D                          On console dial

key and dial in room                      key and dial room                         *14 and HH:MM

number, press one for                    number, and press ON      

on and zero for off.                        To turn on, press OFF

                                                     to turn off.


Set Date                                      Call forwarding                           Wake-ups   

On console dial                               From the room dial                         Hold down Wake UP

*80 and DD/MM/YY                       60 and ______                                key and dial in room

                                                                                                         number, enter time



Call restriction                            Call restriction                

(WITH SX-20 or SX-50)                 (WITH SX-50 ONLY)                              

Hold down MSG Reg key                Press the ROOM STAT key

and dial in room number                  and dial in room number

Press 0 for ON and 9 for                 press TRK BAR and select:

OFF.                                             DENY, ALLOW1, ALLOW2




Helpful Hints

(WITH SX-20 or SX-50)

When ever you have an odd

problem with a room, exp:

calling room 122 it ring 204

or if a room is always busy

go to the originating room and

dial 444

(WITH SX-50)

If ever a MSG light is on and

will not go out dial 66 in the